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Jack Beal

Hello, I'm Jack and I am currently a student at Berwickshire High School. I have a keen interest in web  design, astronomy and have begun exploring astro-photography. I began putting web pages together during the pandemic and now work with Allanbank Arts to maintain and update their business and personal pages on a regular basis. 

Allanbank Arts Young Ambassador


Nathan Landon

Hello! My name is Nathan, and I , along with Sam have started a filming business with the help of Liz and Justine. I mainly do audio related work, but I also love filming and photography, and love to write and produce music as well. I am currently studying at Edinburgh University, and the filming gigs have helped massively to increase my confidence with people and with a camera, and have helped fund a *proper* University experience.

Allanbank Arts Young Ambassador

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Robyn Steady

This is Robyn. Surfing and photography are her passions. Robyn found a love of photography when she met Amanda Mumberson through a local charity Meeting of Minds and was hooked from the first  meeting. She has developed a love of all the things that nature has to offer. Being outside and having a focus has brought huge benefits to her mental health and confidence.

Allanbank Arts Young Ambassador

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