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Justine Miller and Liz Hardy
Allanbank Arts Outreach Work

As well as curating and hosting a number of exhibitions and sales each year in their studio at Allanbank Arts Justine and Liz, who are both practicing artists, have a passion for working with and mentoring young people. They use art as a tool for communication, learning, personal growth, inclusion and positivity.

They have considerable experience in running workshops for young people and in the last couple of years have worked in many schools across the Scottish Borders and Northumberland. They have engaged young people and adults in whole school projects, intergenerational work, environmental projects, work celebrating the landscape and architecture of the Borders and much more, including continuing with projects throughout lockdown via Zoom and creating a commissioned film about Berwickshire in Lockdown.

Justine and Liz regularly work with young people in their studio at Allanbank Arts, in school and in the community, and have a growing reputation for engaging, innovative projects. 

They pride themselves on the quality of their teaching, their professionalism and their flexible and creative approach.

They have experience of working with young people who find accessing a traditional curriculum challenging. 


Justine and Liz both hold valid PVG certificates issued in 2019, and appropriate insurance for facilitating workshops.


Projects from the last few years include:


A Heart for Duns, intergenerational project working in Duns Primary, Chirnside Primary, Berwickshire High School, with the young people who attend Allanbank Arts and with the residents of Boston Court, Duns culminating in an installation in the Volunteer Hall, Duns.


Berwickshire High School, working with the complex needs pupils on a weekly basis.


Borders Art Fair 2019 & 2020 organising and running children’s and adult’s workshops throughout the duration of the Fair.


Borders Art Fair 2019 Outreach Programme, working in Eyemouth Primary, Chirnside Primary, Norham Primary, Berwickshire High School, Kelso High School and Hawick High School to create an installation displayed at the Art Fair based on the pupil’s surroundings and sense of place.


Duns Playfest, creating an installation to enhance the audiences experience.


Running a day long children’s workshop for Duns Playfest entitled Play in a Day in which the young participants wrote the play, created the set, made the costumes, did the stage makeup and then performed the play to an audience.


Eyemouth Primary, a whole school project based on the pupil’s sense of place in the community and their surroundings.


Norham Primary, working with the whole school over several weeks to create a new Cross based upon the surrounding area.


Running two adult day long workshops at Bamburgh Castle.


River Tweed, The Pride of Kelso, working with the pupils of Kelso High School and in the Kelso community to create an installation based on the fly-tying traditions of Kelso.


Working with Berwickshire Housing Association on an intergenerational art project pilot. Working in three different areas of Berwickshire with high school children, including young people with complex needs, primary age children and the residents of shelter housing in Duns, Eyemouth and Coldstream.


Working with Berwick Education Authority on a project based around the Wilhelmina Barns-Graham exhibition at The Granary Gallery in Berwick upon Tweed, running day long workshops in seven primary schools in and around Berwick.


Working with BAVS and creating a film ‘Berwickshire in Lockdown’ based around the voluntary sectors response to Covid-19.


Working with Berwickshire Housing Association and their residents on a project based on resilience.


Running a day long schools outdoor project at Paxton House.

Visiting a number of Borders school to engage pupils in the Shine project for Borders Art Fair 2022 which culminated in a number of their designs being projected onto Kelso Town Hall.

Organising and filming all the online artists talks and workshops for the Borders Art Fair 2022.

Duns Playfest 2022, creating an installation to enhance the experience for the audience.

Running a story telling and illustrating workshop for young people at Duns Playfest 2022.

Working one to one in the studio at Allanbank Arts with a school leaver with complex needs.

Designing and creating a mural with the pupils of Swinton Primary for the outside of their school building.

Working with Scottish Borders Council to create a piece of Land Art with Primary School pupils and High School pupils to celebrate Duns and the Tour of Britain bike race.

Working on a project with A Heart For Duns and pupils from Duns Primary and Senior Berwickshire High School pupils to ease the transition from Primary to High School, culminating in a performance and a film, Paint Our Town Red.

Organising and filming all the online artist workshops for the Borders Art Fair 2023.



Upcoming Projects:

Working on a Lottery funded project with the Frangipane Bakery to highlight the neurodivergent/disability employment gap, culminating in an exhibition, 'Untapped Potential'.


Working with the Reston community to create a piece of permanent art to celebrate the re-opening of the station.

Duns Playfest 2023, creating an installation to enhance the experience for the audience.

Running an interactive workshop for young people at Duns Playfest 2023.



For a reference please contact Frances Fergusson, Borders Art Fair, or Robin Smith, Berwickshire High School,


Contact details:

07899 903429

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